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Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyer for your Case

October 12, 2017 |

personal injury lawyerFinding the right lawyer for your case is more than finding someone who has been successful in cases. Instead, it comes down to who checks the most off your personal list. In some cases, who you have a better “vibe” with can determine who is the best choice. In other cases, their history and connections could sway who you hire. While each case is individual and specific to the circumstances that appear, there are a few things to go over before deciding who to hire.

Talk to People You Know

The best way to get an idea if a lawyer is easy to work with is to get in person, firsthand accounts of people you know. Your personal network can provide more leads than you know and includes your relatives, friends and your coworkers. Your extended network includes the people they know, quickly leading to a large network of possibilities.

However, these aren’t the only personal accounts you can ask for. If you have worked with a lawyer on something else, such as writing a will or with real estate, they will know the best lawyer to turn to for your personal injury. This is the best route when you have a lawyer that you trust and worked with well but doesn’t focus on the area of law in which you need help.

The Internet

Of course, there is always the internet. A quick Google search will yield tons of results. However, rather than clicking on the first or second website, proper research online can go much further. For instance, a lawyer could be at the top of search results due to the money they invest in their Google account rather than the quality of their work. Rather than relying on who has spent more on Google Ads, look at the reviews for lawyers.

By typing your location and the term “personal injury lawyer,” you will find many review websites. Keep in mind, many people only leave reviews when they are upset, so the reviews may be skewed. After all, if you buy a new kitchen appliance and it works well, you’re likely to forget about it and simply use it. If it breaks in the first week to no fault of your own, you’re likely to warn others about its condition. The same holds true for lawyers, particularly in personal injury cases, as many people believe they have a legal standing in which they do not.

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