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Under What Conditions are a Concealed Carry Permit Issued in NJ?

March 01, 2018 |

The State of New Jersey has established strict guidelines with reference to what is widely known as concealed carry permits. Though people are permitted to purchase a firearm in a relatively straightforward and simple fashion, possession does not automatically allow the weapon to be carried by its owner. Instead, a complex application process must be followed in order to establish a need to carry the gun based on three primary requirements.

These requirements are:

  • The person must be of good character, without any factors that would keep them from having a gun legally.
  • The person must demonstrate a thorough familiarity with the use of handguns in a safe manner.
  • The person must demonstrate that they have a justifiable need to carry a gun.

Those who meet these requirements and receive approval of their handgun carry permit application must reapply every two years in order to ensure that their requirements are all still being met. Those who do not meet the requirements and who still want the right to carry a concealed weapon in New Jersey will need to pursue a gun permit appeal.

Meeting each of the requirements cited above requires a fair amount of effort. Being identified as of “good character” requires three endorsements from someone who has known the applicant for at least three years, and there is a long list of disqualifying factors, including having been convicted of a crime, b being drug or alcohol dependent, being subject to a restraining order, and others. Demonstration of familiarity and safe handling requires completion of a firearms training course, including submission of recent scores in the gun’s use and a safe handling course. The most challenging aspect of the application is often proving justifiable need, which is broken down into separate categories for private citizens and for security professionals.

  • A private citizen must demonstrate the need for self-protection through proof of specific threats or previous attacks demonstrating that their life is in danger.
  • A security professional must show that they face the threat of serious bodily harm in the course of their employment and that carrying a firearm is necessary to reduce that threat.

Failure to meet these requirements or to renew the permit and being found carrying a handgun can result in criminal charges. If you need help with the process, or are denied and need assistance in filing a gun permit appeal, contact our office to set up an appointment.