Drug Court

Drug Court

Have you or a family member been charged with a drug or alcohol related crime? Are you or your family member also dealing with a substance abuse disorder? If so, you and your family need to know that it could be possible to avoid incarceration. The situation can feel hopeless, but you do not need to face the system without trusted and zealous counsel. A highly competent legal advocate is crucial in order to protect you against the vast government resources that are lining up to convict you. The expert attorneys at Malamut & Associates can help you.

At Malamut & Associates, we believe that people with substance abuse disorders belong in treatment, not jail. Many people would never have committed the crime they are accused of had they not been addicted to drugs or alcohol. N.J.S.A. 2C:35-14 is the New Jersey’s statute that permits qualifying offenders to enter drug rehabilitation programs as an alternative to long and unjust prison sentences. We have extensive experience in these matters. We recognize the cases that allow for drug treatment rather than jail. We have successfully argued for our clients’ admission into drug court over the prosecution’s objection. Convincing the court to allow entrance into this program is not easy and requires expertise. If approved, we further assist our clients through the entire process on the road to recovery and freedom. You need an attorney who knows the ins and outs of this complicated statute. There are nuances to the application process that must be adequately addressed. The right lawyer can get you or your loved one the help he/she needs. The difference between retaining competent counsel and simply “getting a lawyer” can mean the difference between a saved life and a life permanently scarred by incarceration.

New Jersey Drug Courts

The New Jersey Drug Courts have one mission. These courts aim to stop the cycle of abuse of alcohol/drugs and the related criminal activity that surrounds addicted people. Drug courts exists within the Superior Court structure that addresses nonviolent drug-related cases. Drug treatment professionals and the criminal justice system work together for the betterment of the participant and society. It is an organic arrangement between court staff, attorneys, probation officers, substance abuse evaluators and treatment professionals that helps promote recovery while maintaining a delicate balance of authority, observation, assistance, and genuine encouragement. For more information, please visit the New Jersey Drug Court’s website.

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