If you worked for Ratner Companies or any of its subsidiaries (Hair Cuttery, BUBBLES The Color Salon, Salon Cielo, Cibu, Salon Plaza, Paul Mitchell The School) and did not receive a paycheck due to the Covid-19 crisis, we can help! Please fill out this brief questionnaire and a member of our staff will get back to you shortly.

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Please fill out this brief questionnaire to help determine your compensation eligibility.

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Adam Malamut addresses your questions and concerns with regards to the Ratner Companies Class Action lawsuit.
Case retainer agreement details are broken down here by Mark Natale, Esq. of Malamut & Associates

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been denied pay by Ratner Compainies, you are not alone. We're here to answer your questions and protect your rights under the law. If you have additional questions please add them to the comments section in the Questionnaire above and our legal team will call you to discuss. Filling our the questionnaire does not obligate you to opt in to the class action.

1If I join this lawsuit, can I be fired when the company continues operation? Are there protections in place to make sure this doesn’t happen?
It would be illegal for the company to fire anyone because they were involved in this law suit. The Fair Labor Standards Act, which is the law that this lawsuit is filed for nation-wide, protects individuals who participate in a lawsuit. It is illegal to terminate or otherwise discriminate against anyone because they have participated in an action under the Fair Labor Standards Act. In addition, it would violate various state laws, depending on what state you live in, if someone is fired because they participated in this lawsuit. We have put Ratner Companies on notice that we plan to pursue any claims of retaliation that stem from this lawsuit.
2If Ratner Companies go bankrupt due to the shutdown, what does that mean with regards to the class action lawsuit? Can anything be recovered?
If Ratner Companies go bankrupt, we will re-file the case in bankruptcy court and challenge with the court that this claim should not be discharged with the bankruptcy. In addition, it should be considered that bankruptcy courts prioritize unpaid wages in terms of which debts get paid first during a bankruptcy. We will vigorously pursue the claim during bankruptcy in order to get the largest award possible for employees.
3If Ratner Companies pays me the money I’m owed in the next few weeks, what does that mean with regards to the class action lawsuit?
If Ratner Companies pays the money they owe, the lawsuit still continues. It is illegal to pay employees late. Even if the wages are paid eventually, employees are entitled to damages for the time they had to spend waiting for their wages. We would pursue those damages.
4Will Malamut & Associates be seeking any additional compensation over and above the wages owed?
Yes, we will. The Fair Labor Standards Act entitles us to pursue minimum wage plus liquidated damages, up to two hundred percent (200%) of the unpaid minimum wages. In addition, state law in several states allows us to pursue the difference between minimum wage and total amount due, plus liquidated damages. Lastly, the Fair Labor Standards Act allows us to pursue attorney fees, so that Ratner Companies would have to pay the legal fees owed due to the lawsuit.

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