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Reasons to Not Hire a Specific Criminal Defense Lawyer

October 19, 2017 |

hire the right criminal defense lawyerIn any criminal case, you will need a criminal defense lawyer. However, not all criminal defense lawyers are the same. Depending on your case and their background, even a great defense lawyer can be the wrong fit. Add in a lawyer with the wrong background that is not as good at their job, and your life could be on the line due to their inexperience.

But how do you know when you shouldn’t hire a criminal defense lawyer? Most articles list reasons you should hire a lawyer, but few explore the few but important reasons to look for another law firm.

Save the Bargain Shopping for Retail

In some cases, you simply can’t afford a better lawyer. However, if you have the money, a bargain price on a lawyer is seldom a bargain at all. Lawyers price themselves based on their education and level of success. When you find a lower cost lawyer, there are often reasons for such a lower cost.

Of course, this doesn’t mean just find the most expensive lawyer. You can still find the right price for your case and save money, but if the rest of the criminal defense lawyers are billed hourly within a certain range of each other and another lawyer is half the price, there is often a reason for it and it seldom goes in your favor.

Importance of Board Certifications

In every state, there is a Board of Legal Specializations or similar organizations and they are pivotal for determining the right lawyer for your case. If a lawyer has passed the bar, they can claim to focus on any specialization of law. However, if a lawyer has focused and practiced in real estate law, it is unlikely they will be successful in criminal defense any more than a dentist will be successful at treating an arm injury.

Meet in Person

If a lawyer wants you to hire them over the phone, take caution. Meeting your lawyer in person is imperative to your case. This person will be defending you against criminal charges. It is important to have an in-person repertoire with the person determining the course of your life. It is also important that you feel you can trust them and that you can communicate effectively with them. There are cases where it is not possible to meet in person first but baring those circumstances, office visits can set the tone for a legal case.

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