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    Good counsel is no accidenttm

    “When I first met Adam, we were about to lose everything. When he said he’d be there every step of the way, it wasn’t just talk, it was a promise!”

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    Committed to excellence with a dedication to serving each and every client in his or her greatest time of need.

  • Malamut & Associates

    Good counsel is no accidenttm

    “When I first met Adam, we were about to lose everything. When he said he’d be there every step of the way, it wasn’t just talk, it was a promise!”

Welcome to Malamut & Associates, LLC.

The Law Firm of Malamut & Associates, LLC is committed to representing our clients with Integrity, Compassion and Commitment. Our extensive Experience provides M&A the tools to get positive results for our clients. We have built our excellent reputation in the areas of Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, and Criminal Defense by “word of mouth”. The lawyers at Malamut & Associates maintain an excellent reputation in the legal community which results in referrals from individuals and Law Firms throughout the country. As Benjamin Franklin said, “well done is better than well said” and at Malamut & Associates we get results for our clients. Learn More

Our Areas of Practice

We value our clients’ rights and we aggressively and tirelessly work to protect those rights. We hold the government to their burden of proving defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. We accomplish this by thorough and aggressive preparation of each client’s case on an individual basis.

Did you or a family member suffer an injury or loss of life by the negligent actions of another person or a business?

All of our skilled attorneys, who come from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise, work together to aggressively protect the rights of injured workers.

When one is charged with a crime, it is an extremely frightening time. Criminal charges and convictions can have devastating impacts upon your life.

Been dealing with a matter of municipal court system? If so, you owe it to yourself and your family to have experienced counsel by your side.

Crisis management is about risk avoidance and risk management… the cornerstones which are education and early intervention.

  • “Adam did an excellent job. He was knowlegeable, professional yet very strong in my defense. He kept me informed and was very kind and patient with me during this very stressful time. We won the case. I have recommended him to many of my clients. I am a Realtor. He has handled Real Estate Transactions, Workmans Compensation and Municipal Court cases for my clients, successfully. He is an experienced and excellent Attorney.”

    - Dawn
  • “I’ve known Adam Malamut for many years. He is a man of strong character, unwavering integrity, and uncompromising morality. Adam is the consummate professional. He demands no less from the attorneys and support staff under his employ. If you are in need of legal counsel, do not equivocate, contact Malamut & Associates. Your needs will be served with the highest level of professionalism.

    - Greg
  • “This is the best law firm I have ever felt with hands down. My mom has been a paralegal for almost 30 years and has worked for law firms such as ****** and ****** and they can’t touch Malamut & Associates. Joel Kotler helped me every step of the way, and went well beyond what he had to do, there was times he was emailing back and forth with me at 930PM on a Sunday. If you have a case, these are the guys you want.”

    - James
  • “I deal with a lot of criminal defense lawyers in my profession, and I been in my line of work for more than 11years and when I tell you I have never meet a guy (Adam) with more will and caring for his clients then anyone I dealt with. Mr. Malamut does not treat people like a numbers game (like take your money and hide ). He has always been there for me when I used him. In the line of work that I do a lot of people ask me about lawyers and I give Adam’s card to them. I say to just call him and you will love him. Thanks Adam!”

    - Jeff
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