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Defensive Driving Skills Can Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

May 31, 2018 |

Motorcycle AccidentsWhether you’re a new motorcyclist or you’ve been riding for years, your primary focus while on your bike should always be safety, for both yourself and for those with whom you share the road. Motorcycle injuries are extremely serious, so the sense of freedom you get from riding needs to be paired with responsibility.

One of the best ways to avoid an accident is to make sure you have defensive driving skills in place. Defensive driving is more than the way that you operate your vehicle: it’s also being aware of those around you and making sure that you are properly equipped. Here is our list of the most important defensive driving skills for motorcyclists:

  • Protection starts before your ride – Take the time to make sure that you are maintaining your vehicle and that you are wearing appropriate protective gear. This means checking your tire pressure and your brakes and making sure that all fluid levels are where they need to be. Safety equipment starts with your helmet, but should also include protective eye gear, foot and hand coverings. Avoid clothing that leaves you exposed. Sandals and shorts may be appropriate for the weather, but they leave your skin and feet entirely exposed if you’re in an accident. Even a minor accident can leave you vulnerable to road rash, so make sure your skin is covered with a layer of denim or leather.
  • Keep your eyes open – Once you’re on the road, you want to maintain your situational awareness. This means that in addition to focusing on the road ahead, use your peripheral vision and mirrors to make sure you know what is on each side of you and behind you. The more you know about your surroundings, the better you can anticipate problems and react appropriately.
  • Know the rules of the road – Driving laws are there for a reason – they protect drivers. The better you understand the rules, the more confident and competent your command of the road will be.
  • Don’t drive aggressively or unpredictably – Weaving in and out of traffic and accelerating and decelerating through traffic are an invitation to an accident. Share the road with respect and patience.

Riding a motorcycle can be a joyous experience, but motorcycle injuries can change everything. If you’ve been hurt and you believe it was a result of another driver’s negligence, we can help. Contact us today to set up an appointment.