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School Bus Accidents Are Every Parent’s Nightmare

January 02, 2018 |

School BusIf you put your child on a school bus in the state of New Jersey, you can do so with a good deal of confidence. The state exercises stringent oversight of all forms of transportation used for children, ranging from camp vans to full-sized school buses. This oversight includes inspections being conducted before a license or registration can be issued, and further inspections are conducted twice each year. Beyond the state, statistics reveal that school buses have introduced a far greater level of safety for children headed to school, especially as newer buses featuring lap belts and shoulder belts are introduced. Still, accidents do happen. There is nothing like the chill that runs down every parent’s spine when they hear that a school bus has been involved in a crash leading to personal injury.

As is true with all types of vehicular crashes, there are a number of reasons why school bus accidents happen. These include:

  • Other drivers not paying proper attention. Despite the fact that school buses are painted a highly visible color, are large and feature flashing lights, drivers can be distracted or simply non-compliant with the rules of the road.
  • Bus drivers can be distracted. School buses have always been a challenge to drive, and they’re made even more so by misbehaving or loud passengers. It is an unfortunate fact of life in the 21 st century those problems have been exacerbated by cell phones, GPS units and other electronic distractions that are omnipresent. If drivers are looking at anything besides the road, there is a real risk of an accident occurring.
  • Bus drivers can be under the influence. If a driver has taken medications that make them drowsy or have used drugs or alcohol, it can impede their ability to drive safely and responsibly.
  • Bus drivers can be fatigued. Drowsy driving is a national problem, but it is especially dangerous when a driver is responsible for the safety of so many young people.
  • Mechanical error. Despite state inspections, vehicles can be poorly maintained or in need of repairs that lead to accidents.
  • Bus can be overloaded. This makes them more difficult to drive and more prone to accident.

When your child is injured in a school bus accident, your first concern is always helping them recover. If you need the help of a personal injury attorney, contact the compassionate professionals at Malamut & Associates today.